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Comprehensive Blood Work

The first step to the new and improved YOU, is to get your blood drawn. You will go to one of our partner labs in your area. After the test is complete, results will come back to us within just a few days. We will quickly reach back out to you to schedule a convenient date and time for an online consult with one of our board-certified providers. 

Lab technician with a tube of blood
Patient doctor online consultation



During your online face-to-face consultation, one of our licensed providers will review your lab work with you and work with you to customize your very own personal health regimen that will allow you to feel and perform at your highest level.


Discreet Delivery

Step three is where the magic happens! After your consultation, your treatments will be mailed out to you for you to receive within just a few days. Convenient, discreet, online…NEXT LEVEL.

Opening the box


How to administer the TRT

Once your receive your TRT package, open the box and you will see 4 syringes, 4 syringe needles, a vile of testosterone and 12 wipes.

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